Asus NFC Express Review

The NFC Express allows you to use your NFC capable device to interact with your computer.

Asus NFC Express Review

For this review, I paired the NFC Express with Asus’ Z87-DELUXE

Here’s the device itself, not sure why the loan unit has such a warped top surface. I can’t peel it off either but whatever it is, it’s an NFC reader with 2 additional USB 3.0 ports for your use.

Asus NFC Express Review

It also comes with the ASUS NFC tag for convenient login.

Asus NFC Express Review

Photo Transfers, Quick Launches, Logins – I wasn’t interested in any of those. So guess which one I was interested in then?


The Verdict

The unit retails at around RM 120 (40 USD) and I find it’s only worth investing on IF really have the need to use your NFC device to login and such. In all seriousness – how difficult is it for you to log in a computer?

As for image transfers, Dropbox does it very well for me. I can’t think of a way to actually use the Remote Desktop either. Perhaps if you have a tablet with NFC capability, then it might be great for controlling your HTPC.

Remember to visit the Official Product Page to make sure you’re getting what you want. For some boards, it only supports Login and Quick Launch feature.

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