Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

Life is full of surprises and based on the star rating and this introduction you’d probably know what to expect from the Armaggeddon Pulse 7.

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

Retailing at just RM 59.90 the Armaggeddon Pulse 7 appears to be one of those products that I thought would failed in epic fashion but surprisingly it doesn’t. Even as I took it out of the box, I didn’t like the build quality. I didn’t know the price then but the build quality is just below average in my book.

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

Practically the entire headset is plastic, even down to the extension for the earpiece, and also the wire that is of glossy rubber. Everything about the Armaggeddon Pulse 7 just shouts ‘cheap’.

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

The earpiece is the greatest failure of the Armaggeddon Pulse 7, it doesn’t move so you’re stuck with whatever angle it lands on your head and that determines your comfort level.

The padding is poorly assembled, thin and doesn’t seem to cup the ear properly.

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

Even the headband seems pathetic, just sufficient to provide padding but barely enough to say it’s comfortable.

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

And then we have the controller for volume and mic, and also the connections of which the USB connector is for the light effects.

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

Lastly the microphone, this is the one part that I couldn’t complain about as I like how it folds into the frame when not in use.

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Gaming Headset Review

User Experience

Now this is when things turn around, it doesn’t fit my head well when I wore it but it’s not that bad either so I got used to it. I’ve had worse products from Armaggeddon in my lab before and this is far from being the head-squashing experience I had before.

What impressed me is the audio output, the box did mention a 50mm driver that’s tuned for extra bass.

I tried to fault it but couldn’t, the gaming experience felt good as I could hear left and right channels clearly and the audio quality seem to not lack from my usual gaming headset that costs more.

Just to make sure I wasn’t fooling myself, I tested various audio recordings that I’m familiar with and to my surprise I wasn’t wrong as the Armaggeddon Pulse 7 did cover the audio spectrum quite well.

The bass was on the strong side but it wasn’t muffled nor hollow, there was a level of quality with it. The mids and treble were audible and suffice to say I’m pleased with the headphone even as a music listening unit.

The Verdict

The Armaggeddon Pulse 7 looks quite nice, feels cheap but the audio output is good – most importantly it doesn’t cost much, retailing at just RM 59.90.

🙂 If you don’t mind the build, and more importantly if the construct suits your head then you have a nice headphone without costing too much.

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