AOC I2476VWM6 24″ IPS Monitor Review

If you’re looking to get a new monitor for the new year, you might want to consider the AOC I2476VWM6 because it’s one monitor with great value for money.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

Now before I go into the features, let’s have a look at this monitors’ appearance first. As you can see from the image above and the one below, the AOC I2476VWM6 is looks classy. It doesn’t shout any fancy design and it looks like it will fit with any decor.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

The AOC I2476VWM6 comes with only 2 input – VGA (D-sub) and HDMI but what’s nice about this monitor is that the HDMI supports MHL.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

Here’s the base for the unit – it is silver in color with brush metal finish, tough plastic with reasonable weight overall for the monitor support.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

The brushed metal finish does give an elegant look to the monitor, especially when you have lights coming from behind.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

As for the controls, they are placed right under the monitor. There’s no light indicator other than for POWER, the button indicators are small and faint which I think is fine as it blends with the brushed black finish.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

The menu is good, with once reached you are able to navigate with the left / right and select buttons that are under the screen.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

Below is the specs of the AOC I2476VWM6 as seen on the official product page.

AOC I2476VWM6 24

Besides being an IPS panel monitor for better color reproduction, the AOC I2476VWM6 is designed for work – the unit comes with Flicker Free and Anti-Blue Light technology to make viewing easier on the eyes and reduce overall fatique.

User Experience

The AOC I2476VWM6 is simple monitor, the screen adjustment is limited to only vertical angle but the height is good enough that you are not likely needed to make further adjustments to it.

2 flaws on the AOC I2476VWM6 would be the buttons and the input. The buttons aren’t the most comfortable to touch and they’re quite tough to press, as for the input – it’s a problem when you consider that there’s only one HDMI so if ever you intend to use MHL to your mobile device, you’ll have to swap between your computer’s HDMI cable and the MHL cable. It would’ve been better if there were 2 HDMI ports, one for the computer while the other for MHL purpose.

Lastly I wish that the AOC I2476VWM6 comes with HDMI cable instead of VGA cable.

Image quality wise it’s pretty good, with some adjustments and calibration it could come quite close to my daily workhorse which is the Dell UltraSharp U2414H.

The Verdict

The AOC I2476VWM6 retails at RM 699, it’s a feature rich monitor that’s definitely worth anyone’s consideration when looking for an IPS panel based monitor for work purpose. Keep in mind that AOC also offers 3-year warranty and it comes with on-site pick-up which is a plus-point, especially if you need business support.

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