AeroCool KCAS 700w Power Supply Unit Review

AeroCool recently introduced their KCAS entry level power supply unit to local PSU market, that’s one more brand for users to consider.

AeroCool KCAS 700w Power Supply Unit Review

The packaging for the KCAS seems nothing out of the ordinary.

AeroCool KCAS 700w Power Supply Unit Review

The black coated PSU is nothing out of the ordinary as well. Interestingly the KCAS 700 sticker is placed on the side of the PSU that’s facing the inside of the casing.

When mounted on casings, it ends up being the power delivery table facing outwards.

AeroCool KCAS 700w Power Supply Unit Review

Check out the image below to get the picture, notice how they lose the opportunity to “shout out” their product?

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The KCAS 700w comes with sleeved cable and more than enough for the general computer setup.

AeroCool KCAS 700w Power Supply Unit Review

And here’s the power delivery table.

AeroCool KCAS 700w Power Supply Unit Review

While the KCAS 700W is an 80Plus Bronze Certified PSU, AeroCool claims it does 85% efficiency.

AeroCool KCAS 700w Power Supply Unit Review

Just as with the rest of my test, I’ve been running it on an R9 280X on load for weeks and all seems good. Until I get a proper load tester, we’ll just have to look at it from how the consumer uses it. In fact running a 250w graphic card 24/7 is more than what the average consumer does.

Another thing I like about it is the cable sleeve as it covers almost every area possible, no unsightly wires visible even between connectors.

More details at the official product page.

Product Features

1. Uncompromised real 700W DC output.
2. Elegant Black PSU casing with Fully Black Mesh cables.
3. Compliant with ATX12V Ver.2.3.
4. Support latest INTEL 4th generation “HASWELL” CPU with C6/C7 power saving mode.
5. Up to 85%+ efficiency with official 80Plus Bronze certificate.
6. Single 12V rail for high compatibility and extreme high current output.
7. 20+4P and CPU 4+4P cable length up to 550mm – easy reach to all components.
8. All DC cables with mesh sleeving for optimized airflow and management.
9. Two PCIe 6+2pin connector for mid-range graphic card.
10. Up to 7 SATA connectors supports multiple of hard drives.
11. 12cm silent black fan with smart thermal fan speed control circuit.
12. Complete protections with OVP/UVP/OPP/SCP/SIP.
13. Safety and EMC certified by CE and TUV.
14. ECO friendly with RoHS and Erp 2013 directives.

The Verdict

The AeroCool KCAS 700W retails at RM 230, you get a nice PSU that’s cable sleeved to look good and passes 80Plus Bronze certification.

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