AeroCool DS (Dead Silence) 120mm Casing Fan Review

If you haven’t heard of AeroCool’s Dead Silence fans, well be glad that you heard it here. 😀

AeroCool DS (Dead Silence) 120mm Casing Fan Review

The fan’s design is unique, you either hate it or love it. In my opinion, it’s not the most beautiful of casing fans but it does has its charm. Polka dots on the bottom part of the fan blades? It’s all part of the intelligent design by AeroCool.

AeroCool DS (Dead Silence) 120mm Casing Fan Review

If you’re interested in the fan technology – check out the official product page – the details of how the fan works are all there.

LED? Yes, they do come with LED. And the DS fan comes with 4 color variation, of which the black one is without LED.

AeroCool DS (Dead Silence) 120mm Casing Fan Review

Here’s what the fan looks like with LED on.

AeroCool DS (Dead Silence) 120mm Casing Fan Review


To test the AeroCool DS fan, I pit it against he Cooler Master JetFlo 120 (set to 1200 RPM) and the stock fan from the Corsair H55. All 3 fans will run at full speed in an attempt to cool the AMD A10 7800K APU.

The results are as below.

  Idle (°C) Load (°C)
AeroCool DS 120mm 42 79
CM JetFlo 120 42 79
Corsair H55 stock fan 42 78

While all of them perform similarly, the difference is actually in the generated noise. For this simple test, I run a sound meter app on my phone and place the mic approximately 1 CM away from the fan during these tests.

The audio readings favor the AeroCool DS.

Fan Decibels (dB)
AeroCool DS 120mm 84
CM JetFlo 120 95
Corsair H55 stock fan 92

84 dB vs 95 dB is like a diesel truck vs a lawn mower, in reference to the Decible Ruler.

The Verdict

The AeroCool DS (Dead Silence) 120mm Casing Fan retails for RM 49 while 140mm variants are available for RM 55.

The fan works great, I love how it spins much more silent than other fans at the default RPM and it’s even more silent when having it lowered to 800 RPM with the bundled resistor cable. The package also includes a converter so the fan can be used with 4-pin molex.

If high CFM (cubic feet per minute, measurement for air movement) fan is your requirement and don’t mind the noise then clearly the DS series fan wouldn’t be your choice as the fan maxes out at 1200 RPM at approximately 55 CFM which is around 60% of what other 120mm is capable of. The DS fan however is the type that is able to go LOWER than what most other fan could, and does it very silently – my type of fan. 🙂

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