Acer Liquid Z3s Entry-Level (Android) Smartphone Review

In this brown box lies an entry level Android phone that’s of superb value for money. It impressed me right from the start as the PR agency told me about the price and I’m sure this fits the bill for many out there who’s looking to move on to using Smartphones.

Oh dear, looks like I kind of summarized the article already. 😛

RED – a very apt color for the season, both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day but this phone’s not in the market yet. 😛 Yup, is one of the very first few owners of this device as of today. 😀

The phone comes with a cover that flips to the left side, and that cover is part of the casing. There’s no way to swap the direction of the cover so left-handed users wouldn’t be pleased with the user experience. There’s no way to use it without the cover either unless you think it’s alright to cut it off.

Here’s the view of the cover, currently only available in RED and it’s grooved, lined from top to bottom.

On the top is the Lock / Power button while the volumes buttons are at the side. No LED for the camera.

The phone supports Dual-SIM and allows MicroSD card expansion.

Here’s a size comparison between the Z3s and a Nokia Lumia 925.

Below are the details of the Z3S, specifications table taken from StoreKini

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