Websites Accused As Attack Pages

Websites Accused As Attack Pages

I got a message on forum last night, a member saw that was reported on their browser as a site for Attack. I checked it out and it seemed fine so I didn’t pursue any further.

After that I got an E-mail from my web host, informing of the same matter. I thought “Ok well. Same thing. Bye”. I got another E-mail the following day and I began to find it suspicious, so I removed the Innity script from one of my files.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I’ve placed their scripts from other files as well. It was towards yesterday night when I was loading one of my articles when I presented with this…..

Websites Accused As Attack Pages

Doesn’t look good. After that, it was this.

Websites Accused As Attack Pages

And sure enough, I saw this in the E-mail too.

Websites Accused As Attack Pages

After that, it was swift sweep across my files to remove Innity scripts.

Not Spared

I was fortunate that the main page at was fine (at least, to my knowledge it was) and only a few pages were affected. I believe this was because

1. I’ve configured my Innity settings to show Google ads when no ads are available.
2. I’ve also lesser campaign from Innity of late
3. My main page shows less ad script than the article pages

I can’t say the same for some of the high profile Malaysian bloggers such as Liew CF, Smashpop and Obefiend where the site is immediately blocked at their index page at the time of this article (which is about 12:15am +8 GMT). 🙁

A Terrible Hiccup

I bet many of us would actually stop using Innity ads. 🙁 I can’t imagine what people would’ve thought of our sites, especially like those 3 others I mentioned who I’m sure have more traffic than my (not sure about obefiend thought but I’m sure Smashpop and Liew CF has more traffic, WAY more traffic than mine).

Newcomers would’ve thought that we’re some malicious site and avoided us (I get 60% traffic from Google on daily basis, so I can’t imagine how many visitors I’ve lost) while the regulars probably thought we did something stupid. Mehhhhh. Not a good day.

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  1. Auchh, that’s hurt. I just thought want migrate to Innity.

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