Nokia Lumia 920 Preview & Highlights

Nokia Lumia 920 Preview & Highlights

Nokia organized a preview session for bloggers last night, finally I get to test the Nokia Lumia 920 in better detail. There was a short preview session by Microsoft a few weeks back but that’s another story altogether.

Back to the device, it’s a really nice device. Windows OS aside, I think the build is really solid and overall the finishing looks great!

*Note : I’m not covering the PureView technology, it’s covered over and over again – and you’ll find better test samples than what I have.

Wireless Charging – that’s the voice of Ben from Techduology

About the Wireless charging – it’s a love / hate thing for me. It’s neat to have no cables attached to the phone when charging while at the same time, as soon as you lift the phone to do something else, the charging is OFF! 🙂

Drop Test – that’s SmashpOp from Techduology

OIS Test – that’s the voice of Ben from Techduology

*Don’t ask me why the Techduology guys are on my videos – it’s totally unplanned. 😛

Besides the videos above, it’s good to see NFC feature but my friends and I tried it and were stumped by how to get it to operate. In the end, we found that the device had problem – not sure if it’s hardware or OS. 🙁 Will probably do a proper test once I get a proper review unit.

That aside, lovely phone (I actually typed CAMERA!!!) and if you’re used to Windows 8 on your computer, this device works similarly. Vice versa if you already have a Windows phone, going Windows 8 is a very similar experience.

I think the City Lens is a very useful function to find out points of interests via the camera, and the SkyDrive + Microsoft Office app is great for those who intend to work on spreadsheets and documents while on the go (eg when waiting for the KTM Komuter to arrive. 🙁 )

Both Nokia Lumia 920 (RM 1,999) and Lumia 820 (RM 1,599) will be officially available in Malaysia on 21 December, just in time for Christmas. Pre-order is now available at Nokia Stores throughout the country starting today. Telcos like Celcom and Digi will be carrying them as well.

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