How To Recover Deleted Data From Storage

Bad things happen from time to time, it could be an accidental delete of content from an SD Card or even a case of having a card getting corrupted during usage.


So what should you do when bad things happen? Let’s say your cat pressed the delete and space bar or whatever just when you got your files selected from your SD Card and the deleted content doesn’t end up in recycle bin. 🙂

In my case what I experienced was a sudden file corruption that made all my files disappear into thin air – WTH right? So how do you go about such situations? Here’s how you do it.

Attempting the Recovery

In order to have successful recovery, it is best that you DO NOT use the said drive, card or whatever storage any further.

The success of recovering these data depends on whether the cluster was overwritten, meaning that the space that once HELD that data must not be used to write other data.

With that in mind, proceed to Piriform and download RECUVA – the software that you should use to recover your DATA.


The FREE version will do, it’s amazing how this small software could be a life-saver.


I mentioned CLUSTER earlier, this is what it looks like after you perform a DEEP SCAN with the software. Normally the data that you are attempting to recover would be the latest so just go ahead and SORT by date. You’ll see how the software mark what are recoverable, and what are not. Partial recovery is as good as no recovery.


You could go one by one as the software comes with a PREVIEW but it’s fine to just go ahead and recover everything, that’s what I did.


Once done, your anxiety would’ve been at its peak and you’ll be heading to the recovery folder to salvage whatever you could.


Here’s what the recovered content looks like, in my case it was a 16GB SD Card with many photos in there and thank God they were all recovered. As you can see the ones that are partially recovered remain inaccessible as the thumbnails are missing.


Parting Thoughts

I hope that this article is helpful to you and you now know what to do should anything happen to your storage device.

One thing to note that this also means your deleted content can be accessed by anyone who knows the existence of such software. 🙂 Thinking of putting up your storage devices for sale? You might want to think again.

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