goldfries’ 10 Must Have Apps for Android

Everyone has their choice of “MUST HAVE” apps – below are 10 of my choice …… (after the jump ๐Ÿ˜› )

Nova Launcher : Link
Reason : Because I can customize my screen(s) – at present, I’ve customized my device to only having 1 screen, and it also supports various gestures and taps. A whole lot of customization. I could write a whole article for that app.

ES File Explorer : Link
Reason : File Management / FTP.

Battery Widget : LINK
Reason : Because Android battery indicator sucks. Use this and you get to the battery life in NUMERIC (%) form.

Juice Defender (Ultimate) : LINK
Reason : Awesome control of phone behavior to maximize battery life.

Flashlight : LINK
Reason : To use my LED as torchlight.

Nexus Media Importer : LINK
Reason : Browse USB flash drives via OTG cable.

Reason : It’s an anti-virus, just in case.

Terminal Emulator : LINK
Reason : As a service provider, sometimes I just need to ping. ๐Ÿ™‚

InkPad : LINK
Reason : To take notes.

DataCounter Widget : LINK
Reason : Keep track of my data usage. At least I know where I’m heading and how much quota I have left.

Final words

There are plenty of good apps on Android platform. The above are just what I find to be a necessity, with priority for work purpose. Other noteworthy mentioned are for example, DICE Player, Google Drive (this should’ve been part of the system), Dropbox, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Whatsapp, Distance & Area Measurement, Oanda’s Currency Converter.

So – what about you? Feel free to suggest alternatives that you think are better. Perhaps even share your list of favorite apps.

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  1. I would like to recommend the following:
    – FTP Server for transfering of files without using wire.

    – Tasker for its ability to automate actions based on conditions. Example: switch on wifi everyday at 5 pm.

    – Total Commander as it is the only app that I used that is able to unrar/unzip files with non-english words properly. (Japanese & Chinese)

  2. smart keyboard because i use T9

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