Transcend Introduces DrivePro Body 52 and DrivePro Body 20


Designed for military, law enforcement, and private security applications, Transcend’s DrivePro Body 20 and DrivePro Body 52 body cameras are the clear choice for rugged, secure, and dependable evidence collection with exceptional picture quality.

Both cameras feature 1080P Full HD video recording, large aperture, wide-angle lens, and a convenient snapshot button. In addition, both cameras boast built-in Wi-Fi for live-streaming on mobile devices via Transcend’s exclusive DrivePro Body app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

Multifunctional Docking Station

For users with multiple DrivePro Body 20 and DrivePro Body 52 body cameras, Transcend’s 6-port docking station offers an optimized camera management solution. The dock is equipped with an auto upload function*, capable of automatically uploading recorded files while charging. Users can also daisy chain up to 3 docking stations in series using just one USB port on a workstation, allowing up to 18 cameras to charge and upload at the same time, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.


Transcend’s DrivePro Body 20A/ 20P, DrivePro Body 52A/ 52P, and 6-port Docking Stations are all backed by Transcend’s Two-year Limited Warranty.

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– TS32GDPB52A/M: MYR$1299.00 (including GST)
– TS32GDPB20A/P: MYR$1099.00 (including GST)

First Impression

OK I know some of you are going to say “That’s Expensive!” but hold on, this is not your average consumer product. The DrivePro Body 52 and 20 were made for professionals and when you consider the risk factor involved in that line of job, the price is actually something worth paying for.

By having record of activity, the content recorded can be used as evidence to support (or counter) any false claims of the said personnel not doing their job, of course being a recorded content the evidence can be used otherwise but point is – this is a great tool to avoid unnecessary confrontations, it’s like saying “Oh yeah, dare you do something? I’m recording you!” without having to say it.

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