The AMD “Carrizo” APU Aims to Deliver Enhanced User Experience

With great pleasure the Red Team introduced us to the Carizzo APU on AMD’s Tech Day at Computex 2015, here in Taipei, Taiwan.


Just as with previous generations of APU, AMD has never failed to mark significant product improvements. The Carrizo APU achieved many “1st” to spearhead the way to a better computing experience.


The Carrizo promises to deliver up to 17x more performance while the increased efficiency enables the system to use far less power, enabling it to double the battery life.


With this improvement the Carrizo is now a better workhorse even for professional environment.


And if it works great for professional environment, it’ll work even better for every day computing.


The Carrizo APU is also designed to enhance Windows 10 experience and enable latest Windows 10 features.


One of the key features in Windows 10 that the Carrizo APU is able to accelerate is security.


With that we’ve come to the end of the quick overview of the key features of the Carrizo APU, for more details on the many features found on the Carrizo you may Download the Overview of Carrizo Here.

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