Taipei Game Show 2016 – B2B Zone & Indie Game Fiesta

The Taipei Game Show 2016 was held on the final week of January 2016 and I took the opportunity to visit this annual event and explore what’s on exhibit at the B2B Zone which is also the Indie Game Fiesta.


*You can skip to the video – the article is pretty much what I narrated in the video.

As an event that attracted more than 130 game companies and teams from 24 countries, I was curious on what this B2B Zone holds and I must say I wasn’t disappointed with my visit.

I came across many interesting games, of which most of them are not on the market yet. They range from interesting action games, RPG games, puzzle and platform games and even visual novel games that are obviously very Japanese influence.

After visiting the B2B Zone, I can only conclude that Asia does not lack when it comes to passion and talent for creating better video games, I left Taiwan with a heart looking forward to actually playing some of these games that I came across.