T-Force Delta Max SSD, Xtreem ARGB DDR4, Cardea Liquid-cooled M.2 SSD

T-Force showcased their new Delta Max SSD, Xtreem ARGB DDR4 and Cardea Liquid-cooled M.2 SSD of which among them my favorite is that M.2 SSD.

You can head over to Team Group‘s website and you won’t see any of these just yet. Ok well the Cardea is there actually, I’ll start with this one as it is my favorite.

The Cardea is as what the name says, a liquid-cooled M.2 SSD. It’s not just any SSD, it’s an PCIe SSD and you are able to change the coolant to one of your choice. More details of the Cardea at the official product page.

As for the rest of the devides, I don’t see them on Team Group’s website yet. The Xtreem model of DDR4 is available but not the one that they showcased which is the ARGB model. Likewise for the Delta Max SSD, the products listed on the website does not cover the new model.