Sony Xperia Z Malaysia Launch

Sony returns with yet another water & dust resistant Xperia – the Xperia Z

Here’s another video, one where they demo the Xperia Z.


After the launch, Sony’s team did a few demo for us to highlight the beauty of the Xperia smartphones, and how it seamlessly integrates with Sony product environment.

Specification and details of the products are at Xperia Z’s Official Product Page

I’ve managed to hold one of the Xperia Z units and it feels solid. Size-wise it reminds me of a the other BIGGER dimension smartphones.

THE Z comes at RM 2,199 while the ZL at RM 1,899. Key differences being that the Z is water and dust resistant while the ZL is not, but the ZL can work as an Infra Red remote control and has a dedicated camera button.

They’re both great, the Z suits people with active lifestyle – eg cyclists, where getting caught in the rain is nothing unusual. The ZL on the other hand, suits people who aren’t into nasty environments but find the IR and camera button useful (Read – taking pictures).

One might argue that all it takes is just the ZL to be equipped with nano coating like Liquipel for example – sure, just think about the cost, time and hassle to get it done, and the reliability of it.

The 1080p resolution 5″ screen is also another attractive point about this smartphone. I’ve seen a number of devices announced recently, this one strikes my fancy the most. 🙂

What about you? Do you think the Xperia Z is a great number to the range of Android high-end smartphones?

A photo of the Xperia and the ladies to end the article.

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