Simulate Lighting in a Virtual Photo Studio with set.a.light 3D STUDIO

set.a.light 3D STUDIO is the world’s first photo studio simulation, with which you can build lighting sets in advance on a PC and realistically simulate the expected picture results. Smart tools and innovative features offer countless options for the optimization of work flows on the actual set and ensure improved picture results – from the very first shot.


Instead of explaining the software bit by bit – I’ll let the video do the talking

It’s currently available at € 139,90, 40 less than the original price of € 179,90.

Even for the original price, it’s a really great piece of software to own.


Learn about lighting – how the amount of lights, the intensity, angle, and diffusion affects the outcome.

Besides that, you could use this to plan ahead on your upcoming photoshoot.

The only thing I hope for now is that they release add-ons for table top photography. That’ll be great!

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