PhotoFast Introduces Photo Backup Cable for Apple Devices

PhotoFast, the leading premium iOS smart accessory company based in Taiwan, announced the Photo Backup Cable, designed for people on the go who demand higher levels of productivity in their lives. The Photo Backup Cable has 1-meter length, and a lightening connector of the same size as the Apple original connector, making the Photo Backup Cable 100% case friendly.


The Photo Backup Cable is the newest and most innovative version of the popular MemoriesCable, the world’s only extra storage drive for your iPhone designed as a patented charging cable. The Photo Backup Cable can also connect to a power bank or laptop to charge your iPhone or iPad, while transferring and backing up data at the same time. In addition, the device does not need a network connection or depends on any kind of cloud storage. With the Photo Backup Cable, avid users of Apple’s iPhone and iPad will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the original MemoriesCable, but now with even more reach.

“PhotoFast is committed to innovation and to making Apple products better. With the new Photo Backup Cable, we are taking storage and productivity to new levels. The innovative design with simpler housing components make the device more affordable, while the longer reach fulfills the demands of even the most demanding Apple users,” said Mr. Warren Wang, CEO of PhotoFast. “You will be able to enjoy a larger amount of storage space, and since all our devices are USB 3.0, users will always experience faster transfer rates while backing up your Apple device,” added Mr. Wang.

The Photo Backup Cable is supported by the latest PhotoFast groundbreaking app: PhotoFast LIFE. Users can easily store all their favorite photos and videos directly to the integrated memory of the cable, while charging and backing up their Apple devices via the lightning cable, without skipping a bit of their active lifestyles. . Similar to the PhotoFast ONE app, this intuitive, user-friendly app includes a variety of rich online and offline capabilities. Users can store and back-up data from cloud-based services such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive and DropBox, as well as popular social media accounts, Facebook and Tumblr. Both apps offer enhanced security and file management features, including a USB lock and app lock supported by Touch ID.

With available storage capacities of 32, 64 and 128GB, the device will free up space in your Apple device and ensure you are always connected and in-touch with all your data, and with a 1-meter length, it is perfect for charging. The PhotoFast Photo Backup Cable is available now, with capacities: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

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