Nvidia GTX 10 Series – Desktop vs Notebook Specifications

Nvidia’s GTX 10 series for notebook computers have been unveiled, and I must say it did surprise me a little.


First Impression

Seeing that the PASCAL model GPUs have significantly lowered the power draw while delivering excellent performance, I was expecting the mobile variant to pack the same power as the desktop variants but this is not the case.

The GPU on mobile setup will run on lower frequency, however the GTX 1070 on mobile setup has slightly more CUDA cores.

Specs Table

Nvidia Geforce GTX 10-Series
GPU Model GTX 1080 GTX 1070 GTX 1060
Form Mobile Desktop Mobile Desktop Mobile Desktop
Base Clock 1556 1607 1442 1506 1404 1506
Boost Clock 1733 1645 1683 1670 1708
CUDA Cores 2560 2048 1920 1280
Memory Configuration 8GB GDDR5X 8GB GDDR5 Up to
Memory Speed 10 Gbps 8 Gbps
Bus Width 256-bit 192-bit
Memory Bandwidth 320 GB/s 256 GB/s 192 GB/s
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