Nokia Launches the Nokia X – Welcoming the Android Platform to Nokia Devices

And so we ahve the Nokia X available starting next week at RM 399, pretty good price for an entry level Android-based device that’s not totally Android based …… what?


The Nokia X is based on Android OS but the interface is more like the one seen on the Asha series where it’s all about swiping.


With this device, you are now in Google’s environment yet not being able to fully utilize Google’s environment as you will not be able to connect to Google’s range of services, for example Google Contacts and Google Location Services.

For the apps, you will be able to install apps from Nokia Store and various 3rd party sources.

Here’s a quick product presentation by Steve Chan, Product Marketing Manager of Nokia Malaysia.

First Impressions

It’s an entry level device and I find it’s quite of good value. Don’t like the OS? You can always void warranty and install a Custom ROM of your choice.

The phone is priced at RM 399 so it shouldn’t hurt that much should you brick it.

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