Mantle Renderer made available in Battlefield 4

What if I’m using nVidia cards

Ah, so that’s the big question.

According to an article on Wcctech, yes it will work on nVidia cards.

Here’s the thing, Mantle is a Low-level API so in order for it to work properly, it requires the games to use the renderer and the device to support it as well. Whether or not nVidia will make any changes to their GPU architecture to cater to this is unknown, at least to me. We’ll have to wait to see what the future holds.

Totally useless for high-end CPU?

Based on my understanding on how Mantle works, I believe the high-end processors could also benefit for the reduced CPU load. To put it into a more layman perspective, this could mean that the processor does less work thus having much more resources to spare when need to.

Not only that, this means the processor could possibly run at lower capacity, thus consumes less power and generate less heat as well.

Of course all the above is not as noticeable compared to significant GPU performance boost as CPU / APU bottleneck is reduced.

The Beginning Of The Future

Battlefield 4 is currently the first game on the market that supports Mantle and there will be more titles to come.

As for existing games, we’ll have to see whether the developers release patches that add Mantle renderer support.

All in all, this is something great that’s brought to you by DICE who developed the API in conjunction with AMD.

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