Local Community Get-Together For Ramadan 2015

If you ever thought the local (Malaysian) tech community is dead – think again. United Rig Hunters, a hyper-active community with nearly 2,000 members from all walks of life organized a “Buka Puasa” gathering just a few days ago. The event was organized by APES.MY, and supported by CUDO Technologies and Corsair Malaysia.


Just in case you’re wondering who are these guys – APES.MY is Malaysia’s GO TO shop when it comes to high-end customized gaming rig. Check out their work that’s featured on ASUS’ YouTube channel.

CUDO Technologies is Corsair’s distributor here in Malaysia, and respected distributor that’s part of the URH community.


The event was well received, seeing around 60 attendees from around Malaysia made their way over to Cozy Place in Wangsa Maju for the breaking of fast and of course, the dinner session. Special guests came all the way from states as far as Kelantan (way up north, just in case you’re not familiar with Malaysian states).

Some attendees went home with delicious goodies from Corsair! It was a splendid night for those who made their journey to spend their evening with fellow comrades in the field.


Besides the organizers, we have the event had attendance from the online tech “voices” like Tech Critter, Pokde and HanETG.


Did you miss the event? If you’re feeling left out, there’s no reason to be as the United Rig Hunters group is ready to welcome you with open arms. 🙂

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