Intel – Use Your Fingers, an Art Experience with Touch

Just a little over a week ago, we attended a special session organized by Intel Malaysia to experience art with Intel-based touch-screen devices.

The software used for this session was Fresh Paint, and you’ll need Windows 8 to be able to use this app.

I had my share of digital painting, it was printed out and framed too!

During the session, the attendees were each provided a touch screen device to use and I was really happy to be assigned a Samsung ATIV Smart PC. 😀 Probably the best designed Windows 8 device, because it comes with a Windows button that I can actually press!

That aside, the experience was good. While the artist in me thinks that digital painting is far from being suitable for serious canvas painting, I think such touch screen devices are great for education purpose, especially for pre-school and primary school. No more messing around with paint pastels and cleaning up the mess after a session, and no waste of paper.

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  1. I think touch screen system is pretty unhygienic. The screens provide a perfect exchange point for virus and bacteria to transfer between hosts. User A picks his nose, wipes it on his sleeve and then swipes the touch surface transferring millions of organisms in that touch. User B swipes the same screen and then rubs their eyes, transferring large numbers of pathogens from the nostril->screen right into the conjunctiva of the eye and from there into the blood stream. If user B has conjunctivitis, then when they touch the screen they will transfer their disease to the touch screen so that User A can also get conjunctivitis.

    Until touch screens are manufactured with built in anti-microbial defences it is not recommended to use this touch screen technology. The danger is worse in backwards countries, where there are many more roaming pathogens, combine a backwards country and a tropical climate and you have a virtual petrie dish, ready to incubate and propagate bird flu, TB, leprosy and more.

  2. @robby as opposed to a keyboard/mouse which people share as well?

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