Gamers and Tech Enthusiasts Get Together at ASUS Master DIY Tour – LANparty 2014

A tremendous effort by ASUS Malaysia, the LAN Party is a 3-day event spanning from Friday (!3th) to Sunday (15th) June. Yup, you read it right. We just concluded Day 2 of the event and at the time of this article, gamers are still going on strong but it won’t be long before their battery goes flat! 😀 Gaming is hard work!


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Close to a hundred (100) individuals came from all over Malaysia, from Perak, Penang, Kelantan and more, bringing not only their computers but also their gaming gears, clothings and even pillows and blankets. Yup, we’re gamers, we always come prepared!


Day 1 started with the gamers setting up their machines, some of which have more parts than a lady’s handbag and more complex than Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. Day 2 is where the whole gaming activity really took flight as gamers already got to know one another and they also had additional games installed and ready. Day 2 is where ASUS Malaysia introduces their team members, products and activities.


The ASUS Master DIY Tour LANparty 2014 is not a gaming-marathon but rather it’s of a more casual meet up for gamers and PC tech enthusiasts, to inspire, motivate and learn from one another, whether it’s gaming prowess or case modification artistry.

It’s a beautiful sight to behold as like-minded people come together and enjoy what they love – the passion for PC tech and PC gaming. 🙂 HARMONY is the word to describe the event as race, religion and language is not a boundary – we game, we mod, we enjoy!


The above is where I was placed – right at the corner. 😀 That’s my computer, and AMD-themed setup (hence the black and red) with additional styling inspired by the anime Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.

From my side, it was a rewarding experience. I spent a lot of time, effort and money to get my case modification to where it was, though not perfect, and it was very rewarding to hear praises from both friends and strangers.

The LAN Party also showcased the many talented people that are behind Mod n Go Design, APES and Vector, and not forgetting the many individuals who came up with their own creative twist to casing modification (I will upload the Photos to Facebook some other time. *Yaaaawwwnn!!!*)

I end this report by saying THANK YOU to ASUS Malaysia – had a great time there, and I get to meet many of my Facebook friends in person. The simple Malay food was great too! Definitely I’m looking forward for another event like this in 2015.

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