FSP Announces 80 PLUS Titanium Power Supplies

Taipei, Taiwan –Dec. 23th, 2014 : Having committed themselves to ‘green image’ in switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for two decades, FSP Group corporate’s social responsibility (CSR) activities are reflected in their policies dedicated toward safety, quality and environment. With innovation and improving the performance of SMPS, they put the Group’s CSR into action in the design of energy saving, and reducing carbon footprint products. Among 80 PLUS® certified power supply list, FSP Group’s brands headed the list with more than 390 models. Now they proudly announce to be the first power supply manufacturer to launch the latest 400W SMPS with the most efficient specification–80 PLUS Titanium PSU.

Keeping the CSR in mind, FSP’s R&D teams work tirelessly to increase product efficiency. Development of what was to become the MIA ICTM(Multiple-Intelligence Ability) began in 2008, when FSP Group started to research active clamp forward topology. MIA ICTM, FSP Group’s own design patent, later became the core technology in Aurum series, which were recognized as high cost-performance ratio products by their customers. In addition, FSP Group is also working on reducing heat generation, which is caused by energy conversion lost.

Steps were taken to increase energy efficiency, therefore, circuit layout design, components placement and Copper Bus Bar were improved. Effectively placing heating components is vital in creating negative air pressure; while extensively using Copper Bus Bar to conduct a substantial current of electricity, thus conductive to energy-efficiency increase; together these three elements laid the foundations of a new era. Taking efficiency to the next level, FSP Group is thrilled to launch a brand new 400W PSU model with 80 PLUS Titanium logo.

Making SMPS as small footprint as 400W with up to 94.18% of the energy conversion efficiency not only significantly reduces energy waste, but also makes it applicable to computers and office equipment which means energy saving was not just a slogan but a way of life. FSP Group has built a strong reputation for supplying high quality, most reliable and innovative SMPS moving forward.

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