First Ever Malaysia Cyber Games Launched

The National E-Sports event of the year arrived, held at Stadium Negara earlier today received good reception from the gamer community with the crowd arriving hours before the start of the main event.


About Malaysia Cyber Games

The Malaysia Cyber Games is the first ever national gaming festival to boost the growth of e-sports in Malaysia. This event is endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Communication and Media in hopes of giving the youth a platform to hone their skills and be on par with the rest of the world.

The main objective of the event is to and and develop local talent as our young gamers have been overlooked. The winners will be announced as the official Taring team, this will grant them access to financial backing in order for them to pursue their dreams to one day be called “The Best in the World” and help raise the Malaysian flag.


The Malaysia Cyber Games is a 3-day event of which the first day events are mainly for FIFA 16 and CS:GO while the rest of the competitive games will join the schedule on Day 2 and 3. Full schedule as seen on Malaysia Cyber Games website


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