The Finals of Colorful’s CGU Gaming Event

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, proudly announces its Colorful Games Union (CGU) perfectly finished on 27th November. The main sponsor is JD Game+ and the strategic partner is NVIDIA to bring you CGU.


Today, the final four teams fight for the glory of the CGU championship. All four teams will be written into CGU’s history as the first pillar of the event and receive the support of Colorful to reach professional competition level. The teams are VTOP, JQ, SUP and AHG.

League of Legends is not the only one game in CGU2016 with an exhibition match of Overwatch also shown on the CGU stage, which is played by famous professional teams NGA and LGE. This means that Overwatch will be added as an official game in CGU APAC 2017. More chances will be given to the players besides League of Legends. People coming from all over the world can take part in CGU.


At 11am, CGU semi-finals start. After nearly 2 hours of competition, SUP and AHG are eliminated.

At 3pm, the two teams left battle it out for the CGU finals. They represent the strongest teams among all the aspiring amateur teams that joined, showing promise of working better than their professional idols. After a series of Bo5 matches, JQ beats VTOP 3-1 and wins the national championship of CGU2016 with their trainer.


CGU2016 has a perfect ending with the new iGame series launching, iGame mascot releasing and CGU finals arising. In CGU APAC 2017, a bigger stage will be prepared for the players who are aspiring professional or already competitors on the rise. Let’s see what will happen in 2017.

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