Estimating the iPhone 5C and 5S Price for Malaysia

Even as I watched the Apple Keynote live updates the other night, I had estimated the iPhone 5S to be about RM 2k while the 5C to be around RM 1k range but based on what I just came by today – I think I’m quite off the mark, especially for the 5C.


Here’s what I saw at Apple’s website for Singapore’s Pre-Order.


That’s SGD 988 for the 16GB iPhone 5S, the lowest spec available.


And that’s SGD 848 for the 16GB iPhone 5C, the lowest spec available.

With the exchange rate as of today that’s 2.58 RM for 1 SGD, we’re looking at the 5C and 5S to be retailing almost RM 2,200 and RM 2,600 respectively.

So much for the wishful thinking of ‘C’ = CHEAP. Looks like it’s not that way, 5C is just a new version of 5 with some upgrades, so it actually makes sense that the price is about RM 2.2k range.

I for one, was thinking that 5S would be the replacement for 5, just as how 4S replaced 4. It looks like this is not the case here, the 5C seems to be a replacement of 5 while the 5S is going a notch higher.

What do you think the price would be when the new iPhone models hit Malaysian shores?

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