Cooler Master Silencio S400 and S600 Casings

The Cooler Master Silencio name is famous in Cooler Master’s product line-up, the Silencio fan models are known to be good performers with silent operation and now we have 2 casings that are based on the Silencio name. Do check out the Silencio range of fans while you’re at it.

Photos of the Silencio

This is the larger model with is the S600.

This is the smaller one, Micro-ATX model which is the S400.

The Silencio unit comes with metal PSU shroud that goes from front to back.

At the front it has a single fan, you can install more as you deem fit.

Over here is the view from the under-side.

At the top the panel is removable, the panel comes with sound dampening material.

This is what the material looks like, it’s found on the side, back, front and top.

Front dust filter? Checked. In fact what’s cool about the Silencio model is that the front opens like a door and you get to decide which side to rest the hinges.

The Cooler Master Silencio models seem promising, being a SilentPC fan I’m most excited to know that it comes with sound dampening, or some may call it sound absorption material, on all sides of the casing and thus making a great choice for those who want no-nonsense silent PC. And yes, did you notice that there’s no RGB?

That’s right, the Silencio series is without RGB at all. You could still install RGB fan and link it to your board’s connection but there’s no way for anyone to see the lights unless you make some openings which is pointless.