Cooler Master Q300 Series Is Now Available

Cooler Master, an award-winning computer hardware manufacturer, today announces the release of the MasterBox Q300 Series. Size, build potential, portability and modularity are the essential traits of the two-case lineup.

Although both cases fit Micro-ATX motherboards, the MasterBox Q300L and MasterBox Q300P are also able to support a full-sized ATX power supply and up to a 240mm front radiator. The lineup provides a platform for builders to create a small and portable gaming rig for LAN use with the power needed to support high-demand gaming sessions.

“Case options in the Micro-ATX market aren’t as vast as our community would like,” said Matteo Stracciari, Case General Manager at Cooler Master. “People that want a compact, customizable gaming case can look forward to the MasterBox Q300 Series.”

High Flexibility for System Building

One of the most interesting parts of the MasterBox Q300 series is the I/O panel. It can be adjusted to a total of six different locations having placement options on the front, top and bottom of both sides of the case. This allows the case to fit into smaller-than-usual spots at home or at the office.

Minimized Dimension with ATX PSU Support

Despite the Micro-ATX form factor, the MasterBox Q300 Series can accommodate a standard ATX PSU ensuring that Micro-ATX builds will get as much power as needed. A 28mm space behind the motherboard provides enough room to easily manage the ATX PSU and cleanly route cabling.

The MasterBox Q300L

As the straightforward option of the series, the MasterBox Q300L is characterized by patterned dust filters on the front and top panel. These patterned dust filters are magnetic and can easily be taken off for easy cleaning. The case can also stand horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. Once the orientation of the case is decided, move the I/O panel to a convenient spot of your choice.

The MasterBox Q300P

The added four handles make the MasterBox Q300P easy to carry and transport, proving it to be an ideal case for anyone looking to complete their next LAN build, while the DarkMirror front and top panels give it a distinctive look. Two pre-installed 120mm RGB LED fans behind the front panel and RGB lighting at the top front illuminate the MasterBox Q300P. One RGB controller is included in the accessory pack. Users can connect the reset button cable and control the RGB lighting directly from the I/O panel if the motherboard does not come with RGB capabilities.

Pricing & Availability

The MasterBox Q300L and Q300P are now available at local retailers, priced at RM 169 and RM 299 respectively.