CES 2020 : Gigabyte Introduces New AORUS 17 with Mechanical Keyboard

The star of the show for Gigabyte at CES 2020 would be the AORUS 17 that sports Omron switches, making it the first notebook PC with mechanical keyboard.

AORUS 17 | World’s First Laptop Equipped with OMRON® Mechanical Switches

The AORUS 17 leads the industry to be the first to come with OMRON® mechanical switches based keyboard, giving users superior keystroke feel, in addition to the fine-tuned backlit lighting effects. The AORUS 17 supports the latest Intel 8 core overclockable processor, in conjunction with the latest NVIDIA RTX graphics, giving gamers the ability to enjoy the intense graphics that AAA titles has to offer, creating a top-of-the-end gaming experience. The AORUS 17 also takes the exclusive with ESS SABRE DAC chip and a 240Hz refresh rate display.

AERO Series Laptops | The Best Crossover Endorser

The all-new AERO 15 OLED and AERO 17 HDR notebooks made for creators, not just power but it’s also the world’s only laptop that is X-Rite Pantone calibration certified, guaranteeing accurate display colors. The portability for creators is also fine-tuned, by equipping the AERO with a large 94 Wh battery in an ultra-portable chassis, giving creators an extended 8 hours of battery usage. Create anything anywhere.