ASUS Technical Seminar in Kuala Lumpur – ROG, TUF and PRIME boards for Coffee Lake Coming!

The key product category are the following and as you can see the TUF made a come back but it’s placed at the lower tier which is below ROG STRIX – bummer!

As always the ROG models on the Maximus X line-up will cover the usual names of which I’m sure most of you (who are in this industry long enough) would be familiar with.

Yes, more boards to come. As you can see Formula and Code won’t be available soon while the Apex and Hero will be available around Coffee Lake’s availability.

OK now the TUF – my favorite of ASUS line-up simply for its tough build and absolutely stupendous component quality, is now downgraded to what seems to be an entry level offering.

And this doesn’t make sense, of how it’s below the ASUS ROG STRIX but boasts components that seem to be a lot more lasting than the high end models.

And if you remember the photo of the TUF boards earlier, you’ll notice that they’re now without the armor that’s the hallmark of TUF line-up.

Lastly of course we have the PRIME series of which only one model was highlighted.

THE END – what do you think?

I still can’t get over the TUF line-up being down-graded. 🙁 Another area of disappointed is that there’s great emphasis on RGB lights but many models lack the key goodies like POWER / RESET button on board and DEBUG LED.

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