Asus Launches New Products Running Windows 8

Asus Launches New Products Running Windows 8

With the excitement of Windows 8 still abuzz, we now see devices from Asus that are powered by Intel processor, running Windows 8 operating system.

Asus Launches New Products Running Windows 8

Here is a video of the event.

Asus Transformer Book

Holding the Transformer name, it is exactly as what you see with the Transformer series of the past, the difference is the operating system and the far higher specs.

Asus Zenbook Touch

The new Zenbook ultrabook is now with touchscreen catering the new Windows 8 operating system.

Asus VivoBook

The VivoBook is the new range of small size notebooks with Windows 8, and of course having touchscreen function.

Asus VivoTab

The VivoTab is basically a tab, with an optional keyboard add on. Works like the Transformer series, looks like the VivoBook when the tablet is joined with the dock. It uses IPS panel and comes with Wacom stylus for precision input.

Asus Launches New Products Running Windows 8

More details of the full product range at ASUS VIVO

So far I think my favorite goes to the Asus Transformer Book. Huge tablet with good processing power, comes with keyboard dock too.

The other product that attracts me is the VivoBook, the small sized powerhouse.

As you can see from the above, the TaiChi is not mentioned here. It was written on the press release but it was highlighted at all during the course of the event. They did play a video of it when everyone was busy mingling around waiting for the lucky draw.

If that product was around then THAT will hold the prize for most interesting product. 🙂

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