ASUS Announces Limited 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GTX 980

ASUS celebrats 20-years of producing the world’s most award-winning and innovative graphics cards with the release of a special limited 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GTX 980 graphics card. Featuring the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GTXâ„¢ 980 graphics-processing unit (GPU) — clocked at 1431 MHz — combined with exclusive ASUS technologies, this meticulously-crafted and highly-collectable graphics card continues the pioneering ASUS spirit of developing the world’s fastest, most-innovative graphics cards. As part of the 20th anniversary celebration, ASUS also released special white editions of the Turbo Series of graphics cards that have an innovative modern blower design for superior Scalable Link Interface (SLI) configurations.


ASUS has a rich history of pioneering innovations that are showcased in the exclusive new 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GTX 980 graphics card, such as Memory Defroster, DirectCU cooling, 0dB fan technology, Digi+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) technology with Super Alloy Power components, and the GPU Tweak system monitoring and tuning utility. It is innovations such as these that have made ASUS the worldwide leader in producing the fastest, coolest, and quietest graphics cards available.

Since 1996, ASUS has repeatedly created graphics card history with many industry-first innovations that enhance the gaming and overclocking experience, including:
• 1998: Established an industry standard by creating the first graphics card with a fan-enhanced heatsink for optimal cooling and stability.
• 2002: Established an industry standard by delivering the first graphics card with premium black PCB.
• 2007: Released the first external graphics card — the XG Station — featuring a physical dial to let users control clock speed, and a screen to show graphics-related information, such as GPU temperatures and fan speed.
• 2008: Released the first Republic of Gamers (ROG) graphics card, the ROG Matrix EN9600/EN9800 GT. Designed for user-friendly overclocking and blisteringly-fast speed out of the box, ROG Matrix EN9600/EN9800 GT set the trend for all future ROG graphics cards.
• 2010: Established an industry standard by creating the first direct-contact, GPU-to-copper-heat-pipe cooling solution.
• 2011: Established an industry standard by developing Super Alloy Power components, which ensure maximum performance and lifespan with minimal power loss and thermal levels. Super Alloy Power components are still used on all ASUS graphics cards today.
• 2013: Established an industry standard with the first hybrid air/liquid cooling solution on a graphics card, the ROG Poseidon.
• 2014: Established an industry standard with the release of the Strix Gaming Series, advancing DirectCU technology with the addition of its innovative 0dB-fan technology that lets gamers enjoy gaming in complete silence.

This commitment to innovation, quality, and performance has built a strong reputation for ASUS graphics cards in the eyes of consumers and journalists alike. Gamers and power users prefer ASUS graphics cards for their incredible performance. ASUS is the best-selling and most award-winning graphics card brand, and is the most popular brand in 3DMark® benchmarking by users on the HWBot overclocking website.

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