ASRock Announces the X99E-ITX/ac at CeBIT

Do you remember the H97M-ITX/ac I reviewed not too long ago? ASRock announced souped up version -the X99E-ITX/ac.

Being a small sized board, it comes with a few sacrifices. For one, you only get 2 DIMM slots instead of 8. Reduced amount of SATA ports and PCI-E slot is a given, and of course going by the picture alone one wouldn’t be able to mount any standard LGA 2011-3 coolers as well, hence the board comes with rather small bundled cooler of which I suspect the fan will have high RPM to cater to the heat from the Core i7 processors. The board will also come with USB 3.1 and Wireless AC connectivity but complete specs, pricing and availability is still unknown.

The general feedback of this piece of news is that users are rather disappointed they are limited to 2 DIMM slots and lack of flexibility to mount an 3rd party cooler.