Apple Announces iPhone 5s and 5c Availability in Malaysia

Just received this in my E-mail about almost hour ago.


Truth be told, I don’t recall ever receiving any E-mail from Apple to tell me that their new products are in store.

The Apple iPhone 5s is priced at
– RM 2,399 for 16GB
– RM 2,749 for 32GB
– RM 3,149 for 64GB

The Apple iPhone 5c is priced at
– RM 1,999 for 16GB
– RM 2,349 for 32GB

Now if you think you’ll get the iPhone 5s really soon upon ordering – you’re dead wrong. 😛

While both phones are available, the iPhone 5s is available to ship some 2 – 3 weeks upon order. This is unlike the iPhone 5c that’s available to ship within 1 – 3 business days.

So are you ordering one (or few)?

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