AMD Showcases Custom Models at Radeon RX 480 Launch

And so the AMD Radeon RX 480 is launched in Malaysia – yes I know that what’s being presented is already known to most of us who have been following the RX 480’s development. Don’t worry, I won’t go into those details. 😀 What I will be showing in this article are the custom models of the RX 480. Pictures after the jump!


Starting off we have the Sapphire model and I placed it right at the top because I think it’s the most awesome looking RX 480 model, the one I rate as highly as the Sapphire model are the ones from Gigabyte and XFX which are unfortunately not present at this launch.



Up next is the PowerColor model, while the design looks cool, it’s unfortunate that PowerColor decided to put a pentagram on the backplate – I feel that product design shouldn’t be having any reference to religion or belief.



The ASUS model is as what we can expect from any ASUS STRIX design.



Lastly the HIS model that looks quite interesting, though we know that no one actually looks at the cooling shroud once it’s in the casing.



That’s all for this article, I hope to be able to try some of these models really soon.

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