AMD New Ryzen, Athlon and Threadripper Announced

With the year coming to an end, AMD announces their final set of release to complete the 3rd generation CPU of Ryzen, Threadripper and Athlon and in this case – it’s the highest and the lowest. Video below, and and if you scroll down more there are slide images.

Images from the Presenation Slide

ryzen 9 3950x

ryzen 9 3950x aio

ryzen 9 3950x eco mode

ryzen 9 3950x performance 1

ryzen 9 3950x performance 2

ryzen 9 3950x performance 3

ryzen 9 3950x performance 4

ryzen 9 3950x price

athlon 3000g

athlon 3000g performance 1

athlon 3000g performance 2

ryzen threadripper

ryzen threadripper performance

ryzen threadripper technology