Welcome 2008! Happy New Year To All!

Welcome 2008

2007 was a great year for goldfries.com. It all began as a personal blog on 31st May 2006 then things took a different direction in less than a month. goldfries.com did change my life (yes, as the owner and author at goldfries.com, it really made my life different) and I do hope that it did the same to yours too. 😀

goldfries.com welcomes the year 2008 with an upgraded version of the PC Buying Guide and also the NEWPC Buying Guide : Customizer!

PC Buying Guide Customizer banner

The PC Buying Guide was re-structured, allowing it better flexibility for more frequent updates. The PC Buying Guide : Customizer on the other hand allows you to estimate cost by selecting or specifying computer parts and price. (Yes, do check it out!)

I hope you like these updates!

Looking Back to Look Forward

Looking back at the journey so far, I count my blessing and thank God that goldfries.com was recognized by the various brands in the computer hardware industry – it was an honor to be recognized!

The response toward this blog by the public was far greater than what I had expected too.

I thank also my sponsors and my readers for supporting me so far and I hope to serve all of you better.

What’s In for 2008?

For 2008, I really hope to have more sponsors for hardware reviews.

For my dear readers, there will be more reviews on games and graphic cards and also articles on photography, blogging, web design and much more.

As you can see my reviews focus on graphic card more than any other computer components, simply because this is the most influential component when it comes to computer gaming and probably the component that people compare the most. It’s also the most easily acquired and has distinguishable performance levels. Have a look at forums like Lowyat.net and see how graphic cards discussions top the list.

The new PC Buying Guide? It isn’t the final product yet as I’m always looking forward for more ways to upgrade it. 🙂

Rest assured, I’m looking forward for a great 2008!

I wish all my readers all the best in their endeavors for the New Year! Welcome 2008! Bye Bye 2007, you were great!

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  1. Yeah Happy New Year everyone!
    Keep up the great works goldfries.

  2. Author

    It’s great to know that you enjoyed the site. 😀

  3. Happy New Year 2008, mate. 😉

    Looking forward to see some quality articles from ya! 😀

  4. happy new yeah bro 😀

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