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July, August and September were really hectic months for me and October isn’t any better. I’m sure many of you notice that sometimes there’s a longer (more than 5 days) gap between articles and all. 🙂

Besides writing churning quality articles at, being flooded with work from my booming business and managing the 101 odd matters at forum, I also have at least 2 sites that were in the midst of creation!

So today, I unveil 2 other sites that I’ve slogged on for the past months! – the malaysia event portal Site Update

The one-stop event listing portal that aims to bring event awareness to a whole new level. Get comprehensive list of upcoming activities, whether it’s to have a photo-opportunity, to make friends, or even just to kill a boring evening next month. 🙂 : Spontaneous Food-nalism – A Malaysian Food Blog Site Update

Yes, it’s a food blog. 🙂 I’m not just a hardware / tech writer ya know!

Find out where goldfries and his buddies raided recently. His buddies? Yeahhhh, it’s a blog of multiple contributors. As if isn’t enough a burden. 😛 Well, a writer’s gotta eat so I might as well write about the things I stomach.

My lesser blogs

goldfries : inperson – my personal blog. I write about whatever else that doesn’t fit into my other blogs. Quality content? You be the judge. 😛

Hattrick Malaysia (HTmy) – I play this online football management game called Hattrick and this is the site where the local (Malaysia) community gather and discuss not just tactics and management, but even National interests. Yes, we have National Coaches. I was one before too. 😛

I co-founded the site many years back, the setup went through a few management and finally I’m the one running and sponsoring it. It’s just what I do for fun, I apologize to all HTmy community for not taking good care of them.

HTmy started with a forum and the blog part was added last year to improve community participation. It’s also a multi-contributor blog. 🙂 Heck, we even have HTmy T-shirt! Come join the community if you want? Register yourself a team at Hattrick and fight your way up the league.

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  1. Fuah! Quite a lot of time right you. Can manage so many! 😛

    I want to start another 2 blogs as well but waiting for my funds to come in first. Mine will continue to be relevant and related to what I talk about. But a little more niche with some traffic diversion. 🙂

  2. Author

    Yeah well, can manage now but I think I might need to clone myself soon if everything picks up well. 🙂

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