Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Compound Review

tuniq tx-2

The Tuniq TX-2 is the latest thermal compound to enter the market, will this thermal compound be better than the popular Arctic Cooling MX-2? Let’s have a look.

The Package

The Tuniq TX-2 comes packed in an extremely plastic wrapper – just the tube in the wrapper with some printed information of the thermal compound on the top of the wrapper and the tube label. Yes, the package is even more simple compared to the hard-plastic cover for the Arctic Cooling MX-2. So yeah, you can say that it’s a least-impressive but more cost-effective and user-friendly packing. 🙂

tuniq tx-2
tuniq tx-2

The Compound

Here are the highlights of the Tuniq TX-2 thermal compound as found in the official product page.

  • Low thermal resistance for superior heat transfer, 4.5W/mK
  • Small molecular size makes a better contact between the heatsink and heatsource.
  • Thin bond line for hi-efficiency conductivity
  • Low bleed under high pressure
  • Spreads easy – clean consistency
  • Help the low-pressure clip design of cooler to achieve better cooling performance.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Not Electrically conductive

Application & Performance

Application was simple, just as any other thermal compound – just slap a thin layer around the contact area like the processor or GPU chip and that’s it. 🙂

tuniq tx-2

Here we pit the Tuniq TX-2 (TX2) against the Arctic Cooling MX-2 (MX2). The test was done on the ASUS EAH3650 TOP (which I reviewed recently) with Glaciator heatsink with 100Mhz overclock; Ambient temperatures for these tests were around 25°C.

  Idle Load
TX2 32°C 53°C
MX2 33°C 54°C

Seems like the crown is now taken over by Tuniq’s TX-2.


I’d say the Tuniq TX-2 did a great job and performed a little better than the Arctic Cooling MX-2.

Both are great thermal compounds, just seems like the TX-2 has the upper hand.

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  1. I just bought TUNIQ TX-2 @ RM25. This thermal compound works wonders and it is still cheaper than AS 5. Highly recommended thermal compound based on price/performance ratio.

  2. Author

    And you’re not the only one saying it’s good!

  3. Where can I buy the TUNIQ TX-2 in KL/PJ? Thanks

  4. Author

    I’ve not come by any shop that carries it, you could probably find them at Lowyat Plaza.

    PJ area, there’s quite a few computer shops but I’m not sure if they carry them.

    What I suggest is to buy from forums like lowyat.net, there are people selling these tubes.

  5. there’s a place in SS19 subang called modernoPC, they do sell TX-2, although stock seems to finish very quickly, as its a pretty hot item atm.

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