TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Got this item at the Neffos C5 Max launch just yesterday and apparently this is the item that the free gift for the first 50 individuals who buys the Neffos C5 Max off

TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The package seems quite weighty, given that the product is priced at RM 159, one can’t help but wonder just how good it is. Portable speakers are usually not amazing to begin with. Here’s the content, a USB cable is tucked underneath the speaker unit.

TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Out of the box the speaker is as what you see, the handle is adjustable for alternative hand carry position, which is also a position that’s better for storage. As you can see the volume buttons are on the right.

TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Here’s a size comparison with a Lego Mini-figure, it’s compact.

TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

On the left side there’s the power button and Bluetooth connection indicator.

TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

At the bottom there’s a 3.5mm audio jack for direct input and the Micro USB port for charging purpose. The 3.5mm audio for device connection is not included in the package.

TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

User Experience

Really guys, TP-Link is known for networking so what do they know about audio, right? Well I didn’t set my expectations high on this, after all it’s a portable speaker from a company that’s primarily about networking and guess what – I’m impressed!

Starting off, the build quality is just great. The plastic on the unit feels solid, the under side of the speaker is of soft-touch material and it works great when resting on surface as it provides grip and vibration reduction.

Cranking up the volume, the unit seems to be able to output at high volume with minimal rattle on both the audio output unit and the structure.

What impressed me the most is the audio output. From bottom up, the Groovi Ripple packs a good punch on the bass department. It’s not the best sounding bass but it’s not hollow and that what I like about it, not the deepest nor richest but not the lousy types either, so it’s somewhere in between and that’s mighty impressive considering it’s a compact portable speaker.

Midtones are often neglected by speakers, especially low grade speaker and portable ones, and I guess by now you should know that I’m about to say that the mid-tones are covered. Again, not the best sounding but it’s cover. Yes, it’s that important, it’s sufficient and that makes a whole lot of difference when compared to speakers that totally neglect that aspect.

Last but not least we have the treble, 3rd time’s a charm they say and I’m going to say it – it’s not the best but it’s there and in fact I think it’s pretty good, just a little short from the type of pitch I was hoping for and I am glad that it’s neither lacking nor giving out too high pitch which could be very annoying.

The Verdict

The TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker retails at RM 159, the product is solid and certainly one of, if not the best available portable speaker I’ve come across. It’s not cheap but what you get is excellent audio (from a compact speaker) and it’s at a size that’s comfortable for almost any form of storage constraint, even to be placed in one’s pocket.

For those getting the Neffos C5 Max on 11Street, be the first 50 and you get this speaker free!

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