Sphero Robotic Ball for iOS and Android – First Impressions (mini Review)

Put it simple – Sphero = Remote Control Ball.


I managed to have a hands-on session with this unique (yet expensive) toy at StoreKini.com

What exactly is the Sphero again? A remote control ball? Just watch the video below.

First Impression

The Sphero is solidly build. The device or mechanism that responds to your command is shelled within the sphere, just picture it as a hamster running in a ball – a glowing, color-changing hamster that responds to Bluetooth signals.

First you have to download the app. After that, just pair it with the Sphero via Bluetooth connection. Once paired, just open the app and align the Sphero to you. After that you’re done.

This is the screenshot for the app.


The device is cool but it comes at a rather steep RM 499, currently available at Storekini.com for RM 499.

For multiplayer sessions, you’ll need more than 1 (obviously) and that’s going to be really costly. Not to mention, you need a smartphone to control it.

Once the novelty wears out, it could end up being just an expensive paper weight (or a dog’s chew toy).

If you have cash to spare and looking for something new to try, why not give it a shot? It’s durable and doesn’t require AA batteries for the Sphero, just don’t drop it at places that are beyond your reach. 🙂


Link to the product here

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