SonicGear SPACE 7 Speaker Review

Being the top of the SPACE series, the SonicGear SPACE 7 is one with similar build but with overall better features and audio output.

SonicGear SPACE 7 Speaker Review

As with the name, the SPACE series is a range of slim profile speakers that aims to make your space more spacious.

SonicGear SPACE 7 Speaker Review

The speakers for Space 7 here look great, no mesh on the surface but what I am disappointed of is that even at this price point there’s no form of padding at the base of the speaker.

Speakers are items that vibrate so it doesn’t make sense at all to skimp on this.

SonicGear SPACE 7 Speaker Review

The woofer unit comes with mesh cover and it has a USB port to connect to the controller.

SonicGear SPACE 7 Speaker Review

I like the controller on the Space 7 as it not only handles the volume but it’s also where you are able to select INPUT (Bluetooth or Line-in) and also have your Micro SD or Headphones connected to the system.

SonicGear SPACE 7 Speaker Review

User Experience

Audio output wise it’s much better than the SPACE 3 model that’s less than half the price. The bass is sufficient but not the best, meaning for bass oriented tunes the SonicGear SPACE 7 won’t sound stellar.

For tunes that are more acoustic based, like say country / western then the SPACE 7 here shines. Same with songs with vocals, I think it sounds great.

The bass adjustment is sufficient and the coverage for mid tones and treble are good enough.

The Verdict

The SonicGear SPACE 7 is available for just RM 279 over at Shopee.

It’s not cheap but it looks elegant and I like it that it comes with a neat looking controller unit. I would’ve given it the GOLD badge if they had put some rubber feet on the satellite speakers.

goldfries recommended