Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker Review

Genius SP-906BT speaker is a portable Bluetooth enabled speaker that’s claimed to not only being loud but has extra bass. It’s available in five colors, weighs 185g, thickness is 4.6cm, and the diameter is 8cm.

Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker Review

What’s unique about the SP-906BT is that it comes with what you call a ‘Carabiner Hook’ made of durable steel aluminum.

Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker Review

As if that’s not enough, the SP-906BT comes with protection technology such as Circuit Protection, Recharge Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-discharge Protection, Overcharge Protection and Leakage Protection.

The Genius SP-906BT is made of environmental-friendly Material RoHS, using non-toxic material that works great even for babies to play with.

Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker Review

Below are the specs as seen on the official product page.

Genius SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker Review

User Experience

The Genius SP-906BT claims to be LOUD and having extra BASS and as with all portable speakers I approach their claims with a pinch of salt. To my surprise the SP-906BT did perform as it claimed, great sounding bass and the overall audio output isn’t hollow, in fact there’s good coverage across all audio range though slightly lacking on the treble.

I wasn’t able to test the 10-hour battery claim as that is ridiculously long and the SP-906BT is really really loud.

Pairing up the Genius SP-906BT to other devices was pretty easy as my devices are able to pick up the Bluetooth signal and got it paired without a hitch.

Looking at the build of the unit, I felt that the SP-906BT works best for the great outdoors. Nope, this is not the device you bring along to a train because you’ll annoy everyone, this is the device you place on your bicycle as you traverse through the woods, perhaps you’re the type that loves having Metallica’s tunes resonating across the peaceful woods – yup, this is the speaker for you.

The Verdict

The Genius SP-906BT is available for as low as RM 179, it’s a solid portable speaker that connects easily and outputs with excellent audio quality.

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