Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker Review

As always – portable speakers, set expectations low and you’re good. The Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker I received is black in color and when within the packaging I can’t even tell what it looks like let alone take pictures of it.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Once out of the packaging, you see it’s a portable speaker with rubber protection. Speaking of packaging, the stickers that hold the clip were terribly difficult to remove.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Here’s the underside of the MP80 – in case you didn’t get it yet, this speaker was made for the great outdoors. The Edifier MP80 is rated IP54 for its splash and dust resistant nature, and while the speaker is well protected at the sides, dropping it at a wrong angle will still result in damage.

The Micro-USB charging port is sealed by a rubber flap cutout from the enclosure.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker Review

On the other side the control buttons are indicated on the enclosure, that is if you’re able to notice it. My unit is dark but since I’m not unfamiliar with such products I had no problem with it.

Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Looking through the images, I’m sure you would’ve noticed how dusty the unit looks, that’s because the rubber material used is indeed a dust magnet – a dust proof dust magnet! Let’s not forget also that the soft touch material will turn sticky as it ages.

User Experience

Let’s start with the audio – it’s so awful that you would’ve thought this is some el-cheapo speakers sold at night markets. In fact I think it is possible for one to find better sounding speakers at night markets. Frequency range of the output covers only treble, and even so it lacks clarity. I’m not seeking perfect audio from a portable speaker but definitely I’d expect more from a portable speaker but I guess there’s no choice isn’t it?

Having bass reflex would mean one would need openings some place and that defeats its purpose of being dust and splash resistant.

As for the build itself, the rubber seems good but once you attempt to remove it from the unit the rubber deforms. 🙁 I tried, I’m a curious person and I wondered whether I could wash the rubber enclosure should one day it turn sticky, it turns out that was a bad idea. Once the rubber is deformed it doesn’t close the gap well and suffice to say my unit is now much less dust and splash resistant than before.

The Verdict

The Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker retails at RM139.90 – the audio quality is sub-par but that’s what you have to sacrifice to have it splash and dust resistant, which is great if you’re the type that is outdoor often and just want some tunes going around you without having cans on your ears.

Overall it’s a pretty neat product but priced a little on the high side.

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