Deepcool Z9 Thermal Paste Review

The Z9 is Deepcool’s electrically non-conductive high-performance thermal paste.


Test Setup

The computer setup used for this review.

Processor Intel Core i5-2500K
RAM Kingston Value RAM 4GB 1333
Motherboard MSI Z77A-GD45
Power Supply Xigmatek NRP-PC602 600w
Operating System Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Temperature was monitored using HW Monitor.

CPU load was done by converting 10bit MKV video to 8bit using x264, set to -veryslow mode.

I compared the Z9 to the reach RM 5, white colored paste commonly available at computer stores.

Intel Stock Cooler Test

Stock Cooler Idle (°C) Load (°C)
DeepCool Z9 31 61
El Cheapo Paste 35 61

The Z9 is way ahead in transferring heat from processor to the heatsink. The load results are equal because that’s the limitation of the stock cooler itself. So let’s have a look at how it fares with a slightly better heatsink.

The Cooler Master Hyper 101 is probably the best heatsink at around RM 50 range, we’ll see how the cooler fares with the Z9.

Cooler Master Hyper 101 Test

Stock Cooler Idle (°C) Load (°C)
DeepCool Z9 29 50
El Cheapo Paste 30 53

The 101 itself cools very well on idle so the choice of paste itself makes very little difference here, this is also probably due to the larger surface area of the heatsink so it evens up the readings on idle. The picture is different when it comes to load temperatures as the 101 dissipates heat much better than the stock cooler, with the Z9 being 3°C than the average thermal paste.


Suffice to say that the thermal paste is good. It does the job and keeps your processor cooler.

RRP for this product is USD 10 (approx MYR 30).

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  1. i wonder how this fare against tuniq tx-4 with the same price range….

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