D-Link DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender Review

Music lovers are everywhere the D-Link DCH-M225 is just the product that could be on any Music-lover’s shopping list.

D-Link DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender Review

The DCH-M225 is not just a Wi-Fi extender but it extends your audio playback reach to whatever speaker that’s connected to it.

D-Link DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender Review

What it does is that that the DCH-M225 is a media streaming device that you are able to connect a speaker to via the 3.5mm audio jack.

D-Link DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender Review

What I like about the DCH-M225 is that it’s compact, unlike most extenders it does not occupy much space thus allowing one to fit it to multi-socket connectors with ease.

More details at the official product page.

User Experience

Setting up the DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender was easy, all you need to do is connect to the DCH-M225 based on the details available and configure it via the web interface.

D-Link DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender Review

On my attempt I wasn’t able to reach it via the browser on my Android-based smartphone, I had to use my notebook computer to reach it. The workaround for this is to use D-Link’s QRS Mobile App to get the configuration work done, although this means you need to take the additional steps to install the app just to configure.

The next part is even more complex – how to get stream your music to the device? The DCH-M225 supports DLNA and Air-Play but the problem is that the product content does not in anyway guide users how to go about this aspect. I spent some 10 minutes just to figure out how to get it running with the help of Google.

On my setup I got my computer to stream to the DCH-M225 via Windows Media Player, after having it set to recognize a media streaming device on the network. For smartphone users it’s dependent on your phone, please consult your closest buddy who is better than you at tech stuff and remember to buy them a drink or meal should they get it worked out for you.

As for the Wi-Fi extender signal, it’s pretty good. I get full bar reading despite being some 8 meters away and blocked by a wall.

The Verdict

The D-Link DCH-M225 Wi-Fi Audio Extender retails at about RM 130 which is quite affordable for even for a 300Mbps capable Wi-Fi extender, the value of the DCH-M225 comes with its audio-extending capability but keep in mind that you will need some knowledge (or at least some competency in using Google) to get it running.

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