AVF LED Light Strips Review

If you’ve seen my casing reviews, you’ll notice that LED strips are often used, well that’s what they’re made for! With us in this article is AVF’s LED strip that’s made extremely affordable BUT before we get to the pricing, let’s have a look at the LED strips.

AVF LED Light Strips Review

The AVF LED strips come in 7 different flavors, first up is the 30cm single-colored type that’s available in RED, GREEN and BLUE LED.

Next is the 60cm single-colored type, again available in RED, GREEN and BLUE LED.

Lastly is the 30cm RGB aka Multi-colored strip that comes with a controller, it comes with many colors and a few preset behavior too. The only downside is that its brightness can’t be adjusted.

AVF LED Light Strips Review

LIGHTS UP! Yes, that’s how us techies light up the festive season!

AVF LED Light Strips Review

What I like about these strips is that the molex connector is dual-sided, thus allowing you to chain it. Did you notice the chained connection in the photo above?

What could be improved? Perhaps a SATA to MOLEX converter, it’ll be great for modular PSU users as it reduces the number of cables in the system. Fortunately SATA to Molex converters are easily acquired, looks like I’ll be doing some shopping.

All of them work great, I’m just disappointed that the multi-color unit’s intensity change doesn’t work too well but I can’t expect much since the price is really good.

The Verdict

I mentioned they are extremely affordable, right? Here’s the pricing for AVF’s LED strips

30CM single-color : RM 12.90
60CM single-color : RM 19.00
30CM multi-color with Remote Control : RM 29

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