Armaggeddon Tarasque Mouse Wire Bungee (with USB) Hub Review

I’m sure many of us desktop users have come across the “annoying mouse wire (cable)” problem, the Tarasque is a product that’s aimed at settling the problem once and for all. Sound promising?

Armaggeddon Tarasque Mouse Wire Bungee (with USB) Hub Review

The device itself looks like a tank from some RTS game, it’s a bit like a scorpion in shape. The device is not only a mouse wire bungee but it’s also a USB hub, so the “stinger” part (bungee) is removable in case you just want to use the USB hub function which defeats the purpose on buying it in the first place. The bungee is made of rubber so it’s flexible.

The Tarasque has rotational colored LED on the logo but unfortunately you can’t fix the color of choice nor can you disable it. I think what’s more disappointing is that the hub is just USB 2.0.

Here’s the cable that comes with the Tarasque – the cable is braided, just like those seen on gaming mice.

Armaggeddon Tarasque Mouse Wire Bungee (with USB) Hub Review

Here’s the bottom view of the device, 2x USB 2.0 ports on each side and the connector power at the back. The device is as simple as it can be.

Armaggeddon Tarasque Mouse Wire Bungee (with USB) Hub Review

The base comes with a large adhesive area, stick it on any surface you want.

User Experience

To my disappointment, the device only works with non-braided mouse wires. It’s pretty sad actually, considering Armaggeddon’s range of product is supposedly gamer-centric. Why is it sad? Gaming mice are often with braided wires, and it doesn’t make sense to buy this to be unable to use it with a gaming mouse.

I only had luck with my non-gaming mouse, none of the wires from my gaming mice could fit the holder. Armageddon claims that it works with all their mice but I’m quite doubtful as I used their Alien G9X mouse before and it has braided wire as well.

Even the official product page highlighted “Gaming”, so I am quite surprised that the holder doesn’t work on gaming mice.

The angle of the bungee could use some improvement as well as the current 90 degree angle seems to defeat the purpose of having it being flexible.

The Verdict

The Armaggeddon Tarasque retails at RM 99. I don’t think it’s a bad product but I think the price is steep especially if you consider the fact that it doesn’t work with all mice and the USB ports are only at 2.0

It would have been a great device if it comes with a choice of 2 holders, or at least one that can accommodate braided wires.

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