Albatron 8800GTS-512X Graphic Card Review

albatron 8800gts-512x

The Albatron 8800GTS-512X, big brother of the Albatron 8800GT-512X. Let’s see what this monster can do….

The Appearance

The Albatron 8800GTS-512X uses the reference model’s cooler, you’ll see that it also looks like the XFX 8800GTS 512MB Alpha Dog Edition.

The card comes with 2 DVI output and 1 S-video output. The heatsink is without any decals / stickers, other than the words Albatron. That gave it a nice glossy black look.

It is also rather large, occupying 2 PCI-E slot for the cooling system used.

albatron 8800gts-512x
albatron 8800gts-512x
albatron 8800gts-512x

The Bundle

– Power connector
– HDTV-out
– S-Video cable
– 2x DVI-VGA converter
– Composite TV Video Cable
– Installation guide & driver CD.

Card Details

Here’s a summarized detail of the card.

GPU Code Name G92
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Bandwidth 256-bit
Memory Capacity 512MB
Core Clock 650Mhz
Memory Clock 972Mhz (1.944Ghz DDR)
Shader Clock 1625Mhz

More details at the official product page

Test Setup

The computer setup used for this review.

Processor Intel E2140 Overclocked @ 3.2ghz
RAM 2x 1GB Kingston DDR2 667 @ DDR2 800
Motherboard ASUS P5K-E
Cooler Xigmatek HDT-S963
Monitor 20″ Dell Ultra-sharp Wide-screen LCD
Operating System Windows XP (SP2)
Driver Version ForceWare Release 169 (Version: 169.21)

The Performance

The Albatron 8800GTS-512X runs at 650Mhz core clock and 972Mhz memory clock. Shader clock is at 1625Mhz.

albatron 8800gts-512x
albatron 8800gts-512x
albatron 8800gts-512x

Now, let’s have a look at the test results. We’ll compare it with the ASUS EAH3870X2 1G


Default setting.

Card Score
8800GTS-512X 11926
ASUS EAH3870X2 13295

Lost Planet : Extreme Condition

Graphic Detail : Maximum

Card Resolution Snow (Average) Cave (Average)
8800GTS-512X (16xQ CSAA) 1680 x 946 25.1 36.1
8800GTS-512X (4xAA) 1680 x 946 35.2 50.4
ASUS EAH3870X2 (4xAA) 1680 x 946 31.0 41.4

Even with the Multi-GPU option enabled for the 3870X2, its performance is far from that of the the 8800GTS. After all, the 3870X2 is essentially crossfire HD3870 on a single-card solution.


Graphic Detail : Maximum

Card Resolution Average
8800GTS-512X (4xAA) 1680 x 1050 74
ASUS EAH3870X2 (4xAA) 1680 x 1050 103

Company Of Heroes : Opposing Fronts

Graphic Detail : Maximum

Card Resolution Average
8800GTS-512X (16xQ CSAA) 1680 x 1050 52.6
8800GTS-512X (4xAA) 1680 x 1050 58.0
ASUS EAH3870X2 (4xAA) 1680 x 1050 58.6


I’ve managed to push this card to 745 / 1000 and got it to successfully pass 3dmark06.


Default setting.

Core / Memory Score
650 / 972 11926
745 / 1000 12215

Operating Temperature

The card runs at 59°C on idle and 78°C on load. When overclocked, the card idles at 59°C and 79°C on load. Readings were taken when ambient temperature was around 25°C.

albatron 8800gts-512x
albatron 8800gts-512x
albatron 8800gts-512x


While the 3870X2 graphic cards are the performance king at the time of this post, the 8800GTS card delivers better price:performance. So if you’re looking for something that’s value for money, the Albatron 8800GTS-512X is all good. The performance and price is between that of the 8800GT and the 3870X2.

goldfries recommended

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  1. Depends on the speed of the 8800GT OC. It is possible for the 8800GT OC to reach the level of a stock 8800GTS G92 – however you can check out the difference in their specs. There’s a slight difference in their specs that gives the 8800GTS some edge.

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